In the trend of developing and integrating into the world, it gradually moves to the plane world, we will not discriminate the above design plan, especially it must meet together, native country’s people will work this. In the trend of integration and development, each of country and enterprise actively must integrate and look for partners to share together scientific knowledge which each company had.

SICC was actively in the integration, connected and co-operate with many foreign consultancy units.

In the above period, Korean enterprises started to invest the most into the market of real estate in countries in the area, in this mainly reason, the lecturing and teaching staff of Korean universities went to Viet Nam to learn about “culture” of Viet Nam for contributing to investors the most suitable, the most modern solution of design but keeping the character of “National Culture”. Among these universities, Mr. Shin Young Jun – Professor of the Kyoung Hee University who is the person with over 40 experienced years in the field of teaching and researching the development of architectural technology. In February – 2007, he visited to Viet Nam and went to Consultancy and Architectural Design for learning about the ability of those companies for cooperation and research

After basically learning about many architectural companies in Southern Viet Nam, especially Ho Chi Minh City in February, Mr. Shin together with other architects decided to come back to Viet Nam and selected SICC to cooperate and study the architectural technology. In the meeting of April 05, he said that SICC was a potential and prospected company as well as enough ability to coordinate with his company to research and develop the architectural technology.

At the present, SICC will be together with this partner to discuss about the problem more detail in the forthcoming Korea trip.
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