Dear DAS brothers,
Reading the newspaper this morning, receiving the information that Viet Nam will join in WTO in this November; I think everybody feels very happy before the country’s opportunity.

Therefore, our brothers are going to stand in the front of an opportunity: either to integrate and develop with the international colleague or to lag behind and eliminate
For the consultancy services areas, according to me, Viet Nam will open with all the countries in this area.
That is, it can establish foreign 100% equity company in this area to compete with the Vietnamese businesses.
Therefore, there will be companies specialize in the international project architecture and structure management in which come to our country. This thing will lead:
- The competion is very high. The large projects will be taken by these companies, especially project and architecture management.  
Therefore, Vietnamese companies just can be their sub in the large projects or just can do the small projects
The skillful employees will be recruited by these companies because the true wages for Vietnamese employees will be cheaper than the foreigner wages(The foreign company only needs the foreign experts for the main essential positions)
However, the Vietnamese businesses still have the opportunities if they prepare well. In this integration, we will have the opportunities: 
Approaching the new technologies in the world
The consultancy expeses will increase as the international rules increase. Therefore, the brothers’ living standard will be better
Eliminate the other arising expenses gradually
Learn the working skills and live better.
In accordance with me, the brothers have to change perceptions and thinkings to follow, coordinate and compete with the foreign colleague
According to the experience of the previous generations, we need to prepare the skills as follows:

1. Foreign language
   - Reading and communication

2. Speciality
The brothers shall recognize that where we are staying compared with the others in ICIC, other companies and in the global. It is obviously that we lag behind very far with the global in the field of construction, at least over 40 years
 Asking ourselves what we lack and learn yourself, do not wait for someone to create the condition for us because actually we learn for our future
 We should learn more about the international standards because we will follow the world in the integration, the world will not follow us.

3. Working skill

Work in group: gather several persons to finish an objective as mentioned. However, our groupwork will not promote the efficiency with the foreign companies as the reasons:
We do not have the initial objective or the persons in the group do not understand the objective clearly.
We do not discuss, argue to unite the objectives, leading to the conflicts
The group leader do not perform as the function
 We do not consider the job success is the success of the group. The failure is the leader’s fault first, then to all employees
Our egos are very big, whether we have ever wondered we can learn from other group members or we only feel the bad from the others
Give our opinion and responsible for this decision: if we ensure that it is true, we shall protect our opinion and responsible for it.
However, if it is a better opinion, we shall admit to learn it, because like this we can develop and improve
Creative: we create to make the job better, do not misunderstand that the creative is performing our egos
Applied the new softwares, industries: nowsaday we spend a lot of time doing waste jobs

4. Other skills: communication, contact customers…

5. Legal: Viet Nam and international laws
To develop our company, and improve our brothers skills, I have several ideas for the brothers. I wish the brothers think and have the decisions for yourselves. I wish everybody will have your brand name and feel very confident to work with the international and domestic colleagues

If the brothers would like to have the documentations to learn whatever problems, you can exchange with me. I will be ready to help you in my ability. If whoever brothers feel disturbed when reading these lines, please apologizes for me first.

Have a good working week
Thank you for reading.

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